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Childrens party service Jumping Castle Hire Gold Coast 4226

Childrens party service Jumping Castle Hire Gold Coast 4226

If you’re planning a fun-filled party or event such as a birthday, Gold Coast Jumpy Houses are here to help. We will make sure your event is the most fun and exciting event in Gold Coast. Our jumping castle for hire are available to all Gold Coast residents. If you are looking for awesome party hire such as adult jumping castles, obstacle course jumping castles, kids jumping castles, or other specialty castles, then we can hook you up. We also offer water slides, water guns, and other water-themed bounce houses if you’d like your party to be cool and wet during the hot summer days.

Gold Coast’s jumping castles puts safety first and has designed all of our kids jumping castles with this in mind. We also offer services as supervisors to ensure your children’s safety during your kids’ parties in Gold Coast.

Call us now and be a jolly jump fun team member jumping our our jumping castles in the beautiful sunshine

Castles Sizes

Small – Small castles sizes
Medium – castles sizes
Large – castles sizes

Jumping castle themes for hire

Gold Coast Jump Houses offers a wide variety of themed bounce houses that are sure to accommodate your parties’ themes. We offer:
Superhero jumping castles
Disney jumping castles
other themed jumping castles.

Just call and ask to find out if we have what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for specific jumping castles for hire, we can ensure that you get the Gold Coast party hire you need. With our bouncy houses, your party or event could be the talk of the town, add facing painting for the day, your corporate event could be just what your employees need to relax and let off steam.

Jumping Castle Hires for Christmas Parties

Christmas is all about family gatherings and expressing joy and cheers between one another. Gold Coast Jumping Castles can create a Christmas fun world with jumping castles. With our help your Christmas party will be exciting and enjoyable, especially for the kids. We offer the biggest jumping castles in the world for large family gatherings or event. If you’re wanting to hire a jumping castle, then we can help you. We offer you our awesome party hire so you can relax and enjoy your Christmas with your family without worrying about how to have the party.

Let Gold Coast Jumpu Houses take care of the entertainment; you worry about the food. Our specialty castles are just the thing your Christmas party needs to take off. With our Christmas-themed jumping castles, your Christmas party will be “jumping”! Call today to find out about our special offers and deals for jumping castle hire in Gold Coast.

Jumping Castles Perfect for Corporate Events

If you’ve recently broken a company record, or feel your employees deserve a break, or perhaps you just like to keep your employees entertained, Gold Coast Jumpy Houses can supply you with jumping castles for hire. We offer big jumping castle hires, or mini jumping castles. Our party hire in Gold Coast is unmatched, and we offer these amazing jolly jumps at an affordable price. All Gold Coast businesses could use some relaxation and good times to stay productive, so Gold Coast Jumpy Houses is here to make that happen with our adult jumping castles.

We also offer water-themed jumping castles and slip and slide hires, if you’d like your corporate event to cool off your employees from the beaming sun. With our help, your corporate event will be fun-filled and exciting, meaning your employees will be happy and will bond with each other. Our awesome party hire is designed to make events all about having fun together and bonding.

Family Day and Birthday Jumping Castles hire

If you are planning parties for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or other family-related events, then we can help make it the most fun party of the year with our big jumping castle hires. Whether you’d like a water slide, Disney jumping castles, water guns, zorbs, or obstacle courses, we can supply them all at Gold Coast Jumpy Houses. With our help, your birthday could be a blast. Our kids bouncy houses are perfectly safe and great fun for the whole party. We also offer our services as supervisors for your birthday party in order to ensure your kids’ safety so you can relax and enjoy the party. Be sure to make your family party enjoyable and exciting with our jumping castles. We’ll ensure that your birthday, anniversary, or other event is fun not only for the kids, but for the adults too. Our adult bounce houses are available for the adults to play too. It doesn’t matter how old you are; moonwalks will always be a fun and exciting activity.

Moonwalk Hires for Festivals and Fairs

If you are hosting a large festival or fair, you’ve got to have bouncy houses. Being one of the most common and most anticipated aspect of festivals, we know you are going to be searching diligently for cheap jumping castle hire. We can offer you something better. High-quality jumping castles for a reasonably low price. We aren’t a cheap jumpy house business like some others such as All for Fun Jumping Castles or Jolly Jumpers Bouncy Castles, nor do we overprice our excellent party hires. We promise a fun-filled festival that will fit right into your budget.

Team Building and Bonding Jumping Castles

If your business is looking to plan a team building event, there’s no better way to bond than with our amazingly awesome party hire. Gold Coast Jumping Castles will ensure your team building event strengthens the bonds and cooperation between your workers (and perhaps even start some rivalries). Friendly competition and teamwork are two important aspects in influencing a strong and healthy work environment. Our bouncy house hires are available to make your team building experience fun and exciting while allowing your employees the chance to enjoy each others company and get to know each other. We can also double as event organizer and design team-based games such as obstacle courses, Zorb matches, and water balloon fights so your employees can experience teamwork together while creating fond memories. Trust in Gold Coast Jumping Castles to provide you with the best jumping castle hire in Gold Coast.

Adult Jumping castles. Celebrate with Our Awesome Party Hires for Sports Clubs

Say your high school football team just won the championships. You should reward them shouldn’t you? Our bouncy houses are perfect for providing a fun-filled event for sports clubs to show them that they deserve a nice, relaxing, and fun party for all of their hard work, especially for the younger groups. They require more stimulation, and that’s exactly what our jumping castle hires are designed to do. You can choose from our themed jumping castles such as superhero bouncy houses or pirate jumping castles. With our help, you will be able to throw your superstar team a huge party in celebration of their accomplishments. Gold Coast Jumpy Houses offers you the opportunity to enjoy yourselves with our awesome party hire.

Delicious Fairy Floss and Slushies in Gold Coast

No matter what kind of event you’re planning, you are going to need snacks. Gold Coast Jumpy Houses offers on-site Fairy Floss and Slushy concessions so you can enjoy some sweet snacks during you party. Gold Coast Jumpy Houses offers a comprehensive package for your kids’ birthdays and other parties. They are sure to have a blast with our awesome party hire. If you are looking for the best jumping castle hires, then come to us. Not only will you get quality and affordable bouncy houses, but our Fairy Floss is the best in Gold Coast. We’ll prove it to you.

With the fun jumping castles and the delicious Fairy Floss and Slushies, you and your kids will be able to fully enjoy themselves and have a fantastic time. Get the relaxation and fun you and your children deserve with Gold Coast Jumpy Houses.

Water Slides, Water Guns, and More!

We offer you a water-themed alternative for events being planned during the hot summer season. For a fun and exciting way to escape the heat for a while, our slip and slide hires are here to soak and drench you while you enjoy your time with family and friends. Some other good options that go with our water slide hires are water guns. We can make your party filled with delight with our water guns so your kids can go around shooting each other (it’s more fun than it sounds; we promise!)

With our jumping castle hires, your party can be fun and exciting for everyone. We want to help you make your birthday memorable, so you can always look back and smile.

Safety First! Dependable Jumpy House Supervisors

All of Gold Coast Jumpy Houses’ jumping castles are designed with safety as the number one priority. You can rest assured that our bounce houses are built to withstand constant rough usage, and will remain operating. You can also feel at ease knowing that they are designed to prevent any sort of accidental escaping or falling. If this is still not enough to calm your nerves, our wonderful bounce house experts can also stand in as supervisors in order to ensure your children’s safety and protection. They will maintain the jumping castles as well as watch over the kids, and even the adults who play in the jumping castles.

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Childrens party service - jumping castle hire gold coast 0756463774

Childrens party service Jumping Castle Hire Gold Coast 4226

Childrens party service Jumping Castle Hire Gold Coast 4226


Childrens party service Jumping Castle Hire Gold Coast 4226


Childrens party service Jumping Castle Hire Gold Coast 4226

Childrens party service Jumping Castle Hire Gold Coast 4226

Childrens party service - jumping castle hire gold coast 0756463774




Childrens party service Jumping Castle Hire Gold Coast 4226

Childrens party service - jumping castle hire gold coast 0756463774


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